Shiatsu massages

Shiatsu massages

Special relaxation offer in the Beauty & DaySpa

Shiatsu, the traditional Japanese finger pressure massage, is pure manual treatment. The massage stimulates the flow of energy in the body, relieves tension and supports mental balance.

Let yourself be carried away into a world of well-being and experience relaxation for body, mind and soul.

Our introductory offer:

  • Shiatsu finger pressure massage
    60 min. 68 €
  • Shiatsu face
    30 min. 39 €
  • Shiatsu extra (face & body)
    80 min. 100 €

We offer Shiatsu massages every Wednesday at the Albtherme.
Book your personal wellness appointment now at the Service Centre on 07243-56570.

Shiatsu - Japanese finger pressure massage

Our trained specialist masters the art of Shiatsu and ensures an unforgettable relaxation experience.