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Get healthy, stay healthy with exercise.

Rheuma Liga - Help that moves

Rheumatic complaints have no age limits - joint problems and tension affect people of all ages today. For those affected, gentle exercise and pleasant warmth are crucial for their health and well-being.

Under the motto "Move more together", we offer health-promoting functional training in the Albtherme every day from Monday to Friday together with the Rheuma League Waldbronn* association. Group exercise training helps to get the joints moving again and to be active together.

Find out more about functional training in the Albtherme and the conditions of participation below.

*The Rheuma Liga Waldbronn Working Group is a member of the German Rheumatism Liga and thus a support and self-help organisation for people suffering from rheumatism.

Moving more together.


Water gymnastics

Dry gymnastics

Water and dry gymnastics

The Rheuma Liga's functional training programme

Functional training is a movement therapy concept. It uses movement exercises to treat specific parts of the body, such as joints, and organic diseases, for example in rheumatism patients, in a targeted and gentle manner.
Qualified exercise instructors lead the group exercises from the field of physiotherapy/ergotherapy.

At the Albtherme, we offer daily functional training from Monday to Friday. We provide a total of around 95 therapy sessions per week. The functional training (water/dry gymnastics) is prescribed by a doctor.

The Rheuma League Waldbronn Working Group is a member of the German Rheumatism League and thus a support and self-help organisation for people with rheumatism.

The great Albtherme Plus:

  • The physiotherapy group treatment takes place on a fixed date.
  • You can arrange your appointment according to your individual needs and have a personal contact person on 07243/609-445.
  • Use of the Albtherme spa including sauna area before or after training.
  • In the sauna world you will find an infrared cabin as well as a Kneipp treading pool and Kneipp arm pool. This offer is suitable to support the therapy with heat and cold stimuli.

Your path to therapy / conditions of participation.

1. You will receive your prescription for FUNCTIONAL TRAINING (not rehabilitation sport) from the doctor treating you.
2. before you forward the prescription to the health insurance company for authorisation, please contact us on 07243/609-445 (mornings from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.) regarding the availability of appointments.

Your own contribution for participation in functional training:

Water gymnastics 20 min.

  • Members with prescription 8,50 €*
  • Non-members with prescription 10.00 €*

Total length of stay in the thermal spa 3 hours.

Water gymnastics 20 min. & dry gymnastics 30 min.

  • Members with prescription 9,50 €*
  • Non-members with prescription 11,00 €*

Total length of stay in the thermal spa 3.5 hours.

Discount of up to 15% possible on admission via value cards.
No discount with disabled pass.
If you overstay: additional payment of € 1.50 per 30 minutes.

Tips and information:

  • Please arrive punctually for your treatment and allow sufficient time for changing.
  • Please let us know if you are unable to attend therapy for a longer period of time (3 weeks or more).
  • Certificates of functional training will be issued for a fee of € 5.00 and deposited at the cash desk of the Albtherme.

Source of recovery

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