Waldbronn healing spring

Waldbronn healing spring

Tingling regeneration - immerse yourself!

Waldbronn's thermal water rises from a depth of 400 metres. From the layers of the earth's crust, the natural spring carries the healing powers of nature with it to the surface. The thermal water contains many natural minerals that have a relaxing effect on the muscles and stimulate the circulation.

Immerse yourself in the regenerating water and let the soothing warmth work its magic on you!

Find out more about our state-recognised healing spring - click here for the water analysis.

Healing display:
The beneficial effects of the healing spring have been proven to alleviate diseases of the spine, joint problems and injuries to the musculoskeletal system.

Acute inflammatory processes and rheumatic attacks with high process activity, stressful cardiovascular disorders.


Awarded the title "Place with healing springs and spa"

Albtherme Landschaft

Seal of approval for quality and well-being

Waldbronn has been awarded the title of "Spa town with healing springs " and, with its recognised healing springs, is one of the 55 most highly awarded spas and health resorts in Baden-Württemberg - the "No. 1 spa region" in Germany.

The seal of approval in health tourism stands for high quality and expertise. The well-being of our guests is also a top priority for the Albtherme team.

Enjoy bathing and swimming in our beautiful Albtherme with real! thermal water.

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