Gentle (sauna) heat

for more health & well-being

Gentle warmth helps

Heat treatment as a health-promoting measure, especially for rheumatic complaints

Heat treatment is particularly beneficial and beneficial for chronic joint inflammation. Heat reduces joint pain and relaxes the muscles. It also stimulates the metabolism, promotes blood circulation and improves the elasticity of the connective tissue.

Take advantage of the cosy warmth on offer at the Albtherme and let your muscles relax!

For gentle heat treatment, we particularly recommend the following facilities in our sauna area:

  • Infrared cabin
    The warmth of the infrared cabin is gentle and gentle. You will find the infrared cabin in the mixed sauna area.
  • Herbal bath, warm air saunas and steam baths
    The gently tempered saunas and steam baths offer ideal conditions for heat therapy without putting too much strain on the circulation.


Benefit for body & mind

Healthy sauna

Sweating is healthy

The alternation of dry, hot air and subsequent cooling stimulates the metabolism, strengthens the immune system and trains the heart and circulation. You can prevent infections with regular sauna sessions.

Sweating purifies and cleanses the skin. Studies show that saunas can have a positive effect on sleep. It is above all the relaxation effect that ensures deeper and better sleep.

Let yourself be pampered by the warmth and light and enjoy the healthy benefits for body and mind.


Tips on how to take a sauna properly