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Sauna culture for everyone

SaunaVariety for all - open daily

Our 2,300 m² sauna world with its three different feel-good areas makes the hearts of sauna fans beat faster.

Ladies can choose whether they prefer to be "among themselves" or feel at home in the mixed area - each of the sauna areas for ladies and mixed, as well as the beautiful sauna garden, are their own complete pampering areas.

Mixed sauna

Sauna together

This is what awaits you in our mixed sauna area:

HAUPTHAUS (indoor area)

  • Panorama sauna (90 °C) - Event hand infusion
  • Light sauna (85 °C)
  • "Hexenhäusle" (80 °C) - Dry sauna
  • Glass steam bath (48° C)
  • Infrared cabin with 4 heated seats
  • Warm air sauna with light therapy (approx. 60 °C/ 50 % humidity)
  • Kneipp treading pool and arm pool
  • Heated benches and foot warming pool
  • Tanning beds and sun terraces
  • Drinking fountain and ice fountain
  • Relaxation rooms and fireside lounge


  • Garden sauna (85 °C)
  • Herbal bath (60 °C)
  • Cold water pool & plunge pool
  • Sauna garden with loungers and parasols


Sauna enjoyment in the countryside

Relax in our spacious sauna house. The lovingly landscaped sauna garden offers beautiful sunbathing areas. Dive into the plunge pool after your sauna session and swim a few lengths in the cool cold water pool - pure enjoyment!

Garden sauna (90 °C) - Sauna house

The garden sauna is a popular infusion sauna in the sauna house. Enjoy the wonderful view of the greenery.


Herbal bath (60 °C) - Sauna house

Relax in the sauna at pleasant temperatures. The fragrant herb bowl above the sauna heater is a real eye-catcher.

Here you can go on a dream journey on event days.

Panorama sauna (90 °C) - indoor area

The spacious panorama sauna offers space for approx. 45 people. Enjoy the unique panoramic view over the first mountain ranges of the Alb Valley. Event hand infusions take place here daily.


Light sauna (85 °C) - indoor area

The sauna building with its large window front sets special accents with indirect lighting. It can accommodate up to 30 people and we regularly surprise you with fruity refreshments after your sauna session.


Infrared cabin - indoor area

The cosy warmth of this cabin is gentle and gentle. The body sweats from the inside out. Blood circulation is supported and harmful substances are removed through sweating.


Ladies sauna

Ladies only

This is what awaits you in our sauna area for ladies:

  • Finnish log sauna "BambusSauna" (85 °C)
  • Steam bath
  • Warm air bath with coloured light (up to 60 °C, up to 50 % humidity)
  • Tanning loungers
  • Foot warming pool
  • Sun terrace
  • Relaxation room

Bamboo sauna (85 °C) - indoor area

The Finnish log sauna with bamboo decor and starry sky offers space for around 16 to 20 people. Regular hand infusions take place here.


The infusion - highlight for sauna fans

Our infusion schedules per weekday:

Monday to Saturday             On Sunday

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