Cure & rehab in Waldbronn

Targeted improvement in quality of life

Waldbronn slows down and relaxes

Situated above the Rhine Valley, between town and country, Waldbronn is a retreat for anyone looking for active health programmes or relaxation. You can simply breathe a sigh of relief in the mild, gentle climate of the northern Black Forest. Green orchards and sparse forests - the hike or cycle tour starts on the doorstep.

Our title as a "town with a health spa"

Waldbronn is a state-recognised spa town and is therefore one of the most highly-praised health resorts in Baden-Württemberg. The Albtherme with its natural healing spring is a health and leisure centre that also offers important therapies for prevention and rehabilitation.

Indication: Bathing in the healing spring alleviates diseases of the spine and other back problems, chronic inflammatory and degenerative joint conditions, fractures and other diseases of the supporting and locomotor organs.

Contraindication: Acute inflammatory processes and rheumatic attacks with high process activity, stressful cardiovascular disorders.

Waldbronn healing spring

Healing spring

Health resort Waldbronn

Cure and rehabilitation

The traditional term "cure" no longer exists, but it still refers to prevention and rehabilitation to improve health and alleviate chronic illnesses. They restore quality of life and prevent incapacity to work and occupational disability.

SRH Health Centre Waldbronn
Specialist clinic for rehabilitation, neurology. Situated on the edge of the forest and close to the town centre, the SRH Health Centre Waldbronn is the right clinic for varied rehabilitation.

Your way to a cure
Find out more from your statutory health insurance provider or the German Pension Insurance, these are your contacts for:

  • Outpatient or inpatient preventive services or
  • Outpatient or inpatient rehabilitation

A consultation with your attending physician is required for the application.

Healthy movement

Albtherme health centre