Cooling & refreshment

Cool down and refresh

Healthy cooling

Cooling down after a sauna session is particularly important for a health-promoting effect and really boosts your immune system. You will find natural freshness in our beautiful sauna garden with cold water pool and integrated plunge pool.

Dive in and experience the tingling feeling of freshness!

Invigorating freshness & cool wetness

Cool down and refresh in the open air:

The so-called "fresh air bath" is a tried and tested form that is also suitable for sauna beginners - you can take a wonderful deep breath in the beautiful SaunaGarden or on the sauna terraces.

Sauna professionals enjoy the cold water jet of the waterfall showers in the SaunaGarden or dive into the cool water of the cold water pool (22 °C) with integrated plunge pool.

Ice fountain, Kneipp & Co.

For the right freshness kick in the indoor area:

  • Various experience showers and footbaths,
  • ice fountain with crushed ice,
  • the spacious Kneipp treading pool,
  • the free drinking fountain and the sauna bistro.

Schwitzer's sauna bistro

Culinary time-out for our sauna guests

In our own sauna bistro, the Schwitzer's Bistro team will spoil you with freshly squeezed juices and vitamin-rich pick-me-ups. Here you will find "light cuisine" for an enjoyable break between sauna sessions.

Excellent cuisine